From the Bottom Up

Beneath the Skin

Traveling merchant and friend of the Bokum and Pretty Maggie’s tribe hires the party as body guards while venturing through the Troll’s Bark. The green skins meet Hishu, a mysterious crow person from the Far East sent to the Sword Coast on a mission to recover terrible and dangerous artifacts stolen from her clan.

The party also meets the Granitebreaker twins, a haughty pair of dwarven mercenaries also on Braden’s pay on the way to Waterdeep.

Before the caravan makes it to civilization they are ambushed by a pack of trolls, which the party dispatches with distressing speed. They also find the Troll’s treasure hoard which contains the effects of a certain noble.

At Daggerford the party rests at the Siren’s Song Inn only for Hishu to see the vagabond that she was sent to track. The group follows him to his quarters but find him dead with clues that something was using his body as a disguise.

With dawns light the party finds that one of the Inn’s serving wenches has disappeared and that the staff believes that Bokum murdered the poor fellow from the East. A group of Tyr’s clerics tries to detain him, but using his druidic abilities Bokum gives them the slip.

Gustav then contacts the party via magic and tells them of a hamlet in the wild overrun with abberations. After some hit and run combat the group grinds down the hoard and kills the Tsochar using the tavern wench as a puppet.

Before committing the ruined town to the flame they find several bags of gold bearing the crimson fleur de le of house Ababanth.__



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